Message of the president

Dear emergency and critical care enthusiast

A warm welcome to the website of the European Society of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (EVECCS). Over the past decades, the veterinary profession has experienced tremendous changes that have allowed us to provide better care for our companion animals. However, I think it is safe to say that with improved understanding and more advanced treatment of these disease processes, along came the need for better emergency and critical care of our patients. This need was well understood by a group of motivated European veterinarians whom first met in 2001 and founded EVECCS in 2002, aiming to do everything possible to promote the development of veterinary emergency and critical care in Europe.

Just slightly over ten years later, a  lot of work has already been performed, and what started out as a small group has grown into a large family of specialists (“ECVECC”-diplomates), university staff, general practitioners and nurses. The general board and all the committees of EVECCS have never ceased to set bigger and better goals, and continue to provide you with the latest info and developments on the best possible care for ECC patients. Our “services” now also offer free registration to a limited number of young enthusiasts (veterinarians and nurses) and a research grant to support exciting research in emergency and critical care, all in collaboration with our long term sponsors.

If you are interested in emergency and critical care, then don’t hesitate to join us. Becoming an EVECCS member will give you access to panel discussions, useful links and all other information available on the website; provide you with a subscription to the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care; keep you further updated with journal reviews, short revisions and “meet the expert”-interviews via the monthly newsletters; and you will benefit from a reduced registration fee to our annual Congress. Coming to Congress will offer you a great opportunity to either refresh your skills or develop new ones thanks to leading specialists from across the world. And if that doesn’t convince you to come, I can promise you that it’s the social programme that makes our meetings really special, allowing friendships across the continent to flourish, while discovering some of the local flavour of the inviting country.

As for me, I can only testify that joining EVECCS was probably one of the smartest decisions in my life. Joining this society and it’s general board has made me learn loads of stuff on emergency and critical care, meet tons of interesting people with an incredible passion for ECC, and admire all the work performed behind the scenes to ensure the development of ECC.


Looking forward to meet you at the coming congress!

Kris Gommeren

President EVECCS 2014-2017